Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a little sojourn: Badlands

A couple weekends ago it got really warm out, so Matt and I packed a picnic and decided to finally see these Badlands we had heard so much about. It was just what we needed after staying put in Toronto for the past few months with our heads down, focused on work, school, and other projects.

After taking a million pictures we left the Badlands and had a great day trekking through mud, driving along small back roads, and looking for the perfect spot to eat lunch. It's amazing how just a short drive can take you somewhere that feels so far away from the city.


  1. Picnic in the snow = committed. I want to check this place out!

  2. Isn't that place weird?
    Dinosaur-y and oldtimey.

  3. I love the badlands (and the fourth photo) A LOT.


  4. Sandi, my commitment to picnicking has been tested and I passed!

    The Badlands were so cool, but I have to agree with Jason that they're weird and dinosaur-y. I kept saying "why won't anything growww?". Prehistoric and post-apocalyptic all rolled into one sunny Sunday drive.