Friday, March 2, 2012

little free libraries

Back in September, my friend Marta shared this link about the Little Free Library organization and I was immediately smitten. I really like the community aspect of it, but even more, in a time when our city is threatening to shut down already existing libraries I like the idea of bringing these ones out to the public in places where they already go.

So, when Marta said that she hoped to start creating Little Free Libraries in Toronto I quickly told her that I wanted to help out. Since then, a small group of us have formed an LFL Toronto sector  and have planned to build two little libraries to go up in Dufferin Grove Park, and one for a smaller park nearby. This past weekend we started building the first of three, and we were all pretty excited when the first tiny house started to take shape.

How to wear a little library

The next ones will be for children's books and gardening books, respectively, and then we'll start filling them up. We are hoping for them to be in parks early this summer, so please keep an eye out for them and borrow a book to read at home or to enjoy while you sit in the sunshine on a park bench.

Until then, Flavorwire recently wrote a great article on tiny libraries all over the place. LFL is number seven, but I think my favourite is the phonebooth-turned-library in the second picture.


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    1. Thanks, Sandi! Wait til you see it decorated, the cute levels will increase ten fold.

  2. Can't wait to populate this city with little book houses!