Monday, June 4, 2012

Small Town, Big City

One of my favourite things about summer is the opportunity for weekend trips away. As a kid, I was jealous of friends who had pools, and as a teen I was jealous of friends who had family cottages. If I was lucky, I'd get an invite to the pool on really hot days, and if I scored an invite to a friend's cottage it was like hitting the summer jackpot. These days, summer means daydreaming about weekends away, day trips, BBQs, gardening, softball, and hanging out in backyards.

The photos below are from a recent trip to Matt's small hometown of Chatham (left) and the start of summer in Toronto (right). I like this comparison between the two sides of summer, and hope to do more over the coming months.

All of these photos are also posted in my Instagram account. My user name is alittlesojourn there too if you feel like checking it out.