Sunday, March 17, 2013



Top photos: A much needed day trip to enjoy the departure of winter. There were seemingly endless amounts of geese in flying Vs that day, but I didn't manage to capture any of them so you'll just have to believe me that spring is on its way. Geese know.

Bottom photos: I've finally replaced the blade on the band saw I bought at a garage sale last summer, and the first thing I made was the cheese board in the photo above. I've also been working away on a shop update, and in between that I've been taking a pottery class with the talented Krystal Speck. Not only does she make beautiful things, but she is a great (and patient) teacher. If you haven't checked out her work before, you really should.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When life gets a little too busy and the school work is piled high, the list of things I'd like to be working on gets longer and longer. Since I don't have time to actually tackle any of those things on the list, I tend to peruse the internet and I discover the amazing things others are working on. Here are a few things that I think are great.

1. First off, this silk shirt by Leah Goren is perfect. I'm sure it's no secret that I'm way into polka dots, but these hand painted dots have got my name written allll over them.

2. This poster by Oh My Deer for Pennyweight. Who knew that Albert Camus would shed some light during the darkness of winter? And that font... Yes, please.

3. For those worriers, my multi-talented friend Sandi has this very cool dottie reminder to STOP WORRYING in her shop. This poster should be my mantra.

4. I recently discovered onefortythree and want to put their incredible light fixtures all over my home.

5. Dream Collective hits all the right spots for me. I almost never wear bracelets, but I would wear this one all the livelong day.

6. All of the textiles available at Joinery are right up my alley. My house is filled with beautiful (and scratched up) hardwood floors, so there are plenty of places for this beauty below.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Year

Happy (belated) new year! One of the truly wonderful things about being a student is winter vacation. November seems dire with all the deadlines and exams looming above, but the bliss of a few weeks off with little to do is a great reward. If you are someone who knows me, it is no secret that I am not a fan of winter. I envy those people who enjoy the cold weather and bundling up because don't think I'll ever understand it. I do love seeing the city covered in snow, but it basically ends there.

In an attempt to quell the self pity I feel during the year's coldest months, I've tried to keep myself occupied with things it allows me the time to do: scheming future trips with Sandi, seeing movies, drinking hot toddies, making new necklaces for the shop, frequenting my favourite breakfast and coffee places, and watching Homeland (full disclosure: I watched both seasons in 4 days... if you've watched it I'm sure you get it).

If you are a winter lover/crazy person, please feel free to share your tips on how to enjoy these dark, moody months with me.