Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oh my my, the days are getting very short and christmas lights are out in full effect. this means that there are craft events aplenty in toronto right now, and this weekend i will be attending city of craft.  this city is filled with very talented designers and makers of things, and it is impossible to let a december go by without perusing their wares and purchasing a little something for you... and a little something for me. in case you are living in the city and are curious but need a little more coaxing, here are a few of my current favourites that will be at the sale:

by Falconwright - an amazing collaboration of leather goods from Deadweight and Caboto

by julie moon - i was the lucky enough to receive this as a gift last year

beautiful tea towels by Bespoke Uprising
these events make it so easy for people to buy things that are sustainable, local, and beautifully handmade. i also find myself so curious about peoples' work spaces. the idea of a studio with natural light is very romantic, but i also find the idea of people making space in their basements, bedrooms or maybe even a study romantic, too. i recently saw a photo of good night, day's makeshift studio space for all her wool and loved it. check it out here.

i've also been making small items (mostly of the kitchen variety) for small gifts or wrapping decorations, but there will be more on that a little later.


  1. mason jar tea towels = awesome


  2. Great taste, this girl! Also? Falconwright's very first customer! Big ups.

  3. ha! getting in on the ground floor of falconwright consumption.