Thursday, December 1, 2011

it has been a busy few months, but here we are near the end of the school semester and the winter holidays are jussst around the corner. i'll still be working full-time for the next little while, but free evenings and weekends seems like a dream come true at this point. that's not to say i haven't been having fun or slacking at times, either, but soon it will be guilt free. that's right, couches and movies and napping, i'm coming for you!

this week was my last weaving class of the semester, and i finally finished my first sampler project. i was late for my first class due to work, so i chose my colours in a big hurry and let me tell you, lesson learned! weaving projects are not short ventures and one should choose their colours wisely because you'll be spending a lot of time with them. (it needs to be said, i suspect i am of the slowpoke variety, so maybe some of you would spend less time on a project than me.)

aside from my colour woes, i really enjoyed the class and already find myself daydreaming about my next project; it will not be pink. it also seems that i've been bitten extra hard by the arts and crafts bug because i've already signed up for a ceramics class next semester with my friend sandi. i hope to make something great, and a mess.

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